Diamond Shape

When referring to the shape of a diamond we use the term cut, for example ‘princess cut’ or ‘emerald cut’, however this is not to be confused with the cut of a diamond. Whilst not part of the Four Cs, the shape of the diamond will have a significant impact on how the diamond looks and feels with each shape possessing its own unique characteristics. Here we aim to give you all of the necessary facts regarding our most popular shapes in order to help you make the right decision.

Round Brilliant Cut

Often viewed as the most popular shape, round brilliant diamonds tend to offer more flexibility when it comes to the cut, colour and clarity, allowing you to balance all of these factors whilst maximising the amount of brilliance and fire.

Princess Cut

Traditionally square in shape with pointed corners, a princess cut diamond will often showcase an impeccable level of brilliance (brightness) making it a highly desirable shape.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are generally rectangular in shape with step-cut facets within the diamond’s pavilion. Whilst the unique shape of an emerald cut diamond is undeniably beautiful, it can on occasion make inclusions and colour more apparent if you’ve opted for a lower quality diamond.

Cushion Cut

Its smooth rounded corners enhancing the brilliance of the diamond are making the cushion shape more and more popular. If you opt for a cushion cut, try to find a diamond with few inclusions as these imperfections are naturally highlighted due to the large facets.

Marquise Cut

The unique shape of the marquise cut diamond makes it perfect for elongating the fingers and emphasising the diamond’s carat weight, often giving the illusion of a much larger diamond. It is important to note however, that due to the narrow shape of the marquise cut diamond; occasionally they can produce an area of reduced colour quality at the centre of the diamond so make sure to look out for this when making your purchase.

Oval Cut

As with the marquise cut, oval cut diamonds are narrower than the typical round brilliant thus making them perfect for making the finger appear more slender and elongated. As with the round brilliant, oval cut diamonds showcase a breathtaking amount of brilliance making for a beautifully sparkling diamond.

Radiant Cut

A combination of emerald cut and round brilliant, the radiant cut diamond features trimmed corners and can vary from rectangular to square. As with any shape, the more narrow (and therefore more rectangular) the diamond is, the more likely there is to be an area of reduced colour quality at the centre of the stone.

Pear Cut

A pear cut diamond features a beautiful tear drop shape resembling a cross between round brilliant and marquise cut. Perfect for enhancing a diamond’s brilliance as well as elongating the fingers, it is essential for the pear cut diamond to have perfect symmetry in order to maximise the characteristics of the diamond.